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Questions and Answers about Waterproof TVs

30 Jan 2024
Сutting-edge vibration speakers — measurements of AVEL TV’s frequency response
In this article, you will find out which speakers are installed in AVEL TVs and what their frequency responses are.
11 Oct 2023
TV in your shower cabin
AVEL TV sets are designed considering wet areas installation particularities as completely waterproof.
7 Jul 2023
What is Mirror TV and how does it work?
It's really amazing, when we see a regular Mirror that suddenly turns to a TV with a screen in the middle. And it's great to have full mirror surface when you don't need a TV.
6 Jul 2023
Casting your screen to TV: best features
Nowadays, as people living in the postdigital times, we face the situation of smartphones being constantly used in business, fun and correspondence. There is, however, a problem when it comes to more detailed or important information. The way to make our experience positive is to duplicate the screen from the smartphone or use Smart TV apps like the Youtube app. The article explores easy steps to make this quickly and efficiently.
10 Apr 2023
AVEL – built-in TVs with reliable moisture protection
AVEL's built-in TVs have been manufactured on its own manufacturing line since 2012. The manufacturing base is in China (Shenzhen). The products are sold in Europe, the United States, Australia, Israel, EU and Eastern Europe countries. The screen sizes available are 23.8", 32", 43", 47", 55", 65", and 75". Because of their unique features, image quality, a wide range of smart functions, and other benefits, built-in TVs are in high demand. The devices are simple to operate, inexpensive, and blend in with the surroundings.
15 Jun 2022
Where is the best place to put TV in a small kitchen: flip down or under cabinet?
Kitchen TV is a popular and convenient solution for modern apartments. Of course, only few people want to eat in silence or go to other rooms with full plates. It is much more convenient to watch news or interesting movies combining it with eating or cooking food. You may install a regular big size TV if your kitchen is big and / or combined with the dining room. But what if the kitchen is compact? Let's figure it out and give recommendations.
25 Apr 2022
How to build a TV into the wall if the renovation has already finished?
If you want to install a water-resistant TV in the bathroom or build the TV into the wall of the living room, but the renovation has already finished, do not get upset. You can carry out a professional installation even after finishing the renovation upon compliance with several conditions.
20 Jan 2022
Mirror TV Roadmap
Want to buy a waterproof TV in your bathroom or kitchen? Read how to choose and install the best waterproof TV in 2022.
2 Jun 2021
Kitchen TVs: Questions and Answers
Most Popular Questions and Answers on Kitchen TVs
1 Jun 2021
Bathroom TVs: Questions and Answers
Most Popular Questions and Answers on Bathroom TVs
9 Mar 2021
Special Mirror for Mirror TV, Dielectric Mirror for Touch Mirror TV / Smart Mirror
There are special requirements to mirrors when we consider Mirror TV product. Beside bright and even reflectance which is the most important parameter for regular mirrors we shall keep good transmittance in the screen area to be able to see the image when the TV is ON.
9 Mar 2021
TV behind a mirrored glass – a new tool for advertising your business
If you are the owner of a beauty salon, barbershop or other business in the beauty industry, you know how importantit is for visitors not just to have high quality service, but also to feel comfortable in the salon. And the best solution in this case is to install a glass TV in the beauty salon.
9 Mar 2021
TV above the fireplace in the interior
It is a common practice for living rooms and bedrooms with an artificial or wood-burning hearth to place a TV over a fireplace. It looks elegant and saves space. However, such an interior setting has its pros and cons, as well as important features to consider before you place the TV above the fireplace.
10 Mar 2020
Mirror TVs for Hotels
Hotel TVs and professional displays have already become an essential and common element in both hotel rooms and public areas. The design of the hotel room creates the first impression of the hotel and affects the quality of people's rest. Each modern hotel room, recreation area, and hall is equipped with a TV.
19 Dec 2019
Glass TV – Aesthetic Minimalism & The Future Design Concept

No matter which trends are coming and passing by in the design fashion but there is always place for simple and eternal materials like glass. It seems like glass surfaces, structures and elements will be widely used in interiors now and in the future.

As a TV manufacturer, we’d like to make a focus in this article on Glass TVs and it’s benefits when installed in a living room, bathroom or any other room.

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