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Mirror TVs: Questions and Answers

Mirror TV Mirror TV

How well are Avel wall-mounted TVs protected from water?

Avel TVs have a sealed housing. They are not afraid of direct contact with water and have a water protection rating of IPx4. They can be installed in a shower stall or bathroom and easily water the TV from a shower head. This will not harm the TV in any way.

Is it possible to install such a TV on the bottom or wall of the pool?

We found out that Avel TVs are protected from water, but not protected from immersion in water. Installation on the bottom or wall of an underwater pool is not acceptable for our TVs. You can install the TV above the water, somewhere in the side area of the pool, water can splash and get on the TV, and it will not harm it.

Is it possible to install such a TV in the steam room of a sauna, bathhouse or hammam?

Clients asked us this question quite often, and we decided to conduct an experiment by placing the TV in the sauna for quite a long time, for 4 hours it was at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the TV was not mounted into the wall, this made it difficult to remove heat, thereby making the conditions as strict as possible. The TV showed good results, it did not malfunction, and we did not find any damage. After such an experiment, we can safely recommend it for installation in a sauna or bathhouse.

Is it possible to install the Avel built-in moisture-resistant TV outdoors?

You and I have found out that our TVs are not afraid of water, and this gives us every right to place them outside, for example, on the veranda, but on the condition that the TV will be used at positive temperatures. In winter, we do not recommend using the TV outside, because negative temperatures can negatively affect not only its service life, but also the operation of the TV in general.

Do such TVs have built-in speakers, since nothing is visible on the front panel, there are no holes either in the front or in the back?

Our TVs are equipped with pulse vibroacoustics. The big advantage of this acoustic is that it is aesthetically hidden. We don’t see any slits or grilles on the front panel, but the sound comes from the entire front panel due to the vibration transmitted from the speakers to the glass, the sound is voluminous and pleasant.

Does Avel offer only mirror TVs, or are there any other color options?

Initially, our assortment included only mirror TVs; later, at the request of our clients and designers, we decided to introduce two more colors. This is black and white. This allows our TVs to be used in different design solutions.

If you install such a TV in a large room, say, with a swimming pool, is it possible to connect additional acoustics to it?

Yes, it is possible to connect additional acoustics, and our TVs can interact with external amplifiers and receivers with ARC support. Anyone who has encountered this understands that through an HDMI cable you can transmit sound to an external amplifier, and the amplifier transmits the audio signal to external speakers.

Can I install this TV myself?

Installing it yourself is quite possible if you have any experience in renovation of premises. This will make the task easier. For our part, we offer our clients videos in which we show the installation sequence. We also have a detailed article on our website where we tell you step by step how to install a TV and which tool is best to use.

Can I install a built-in TV on a regular VESA mount?

All our TVs can also be mounted on a VESA bracket. Here you can use standard fasteners 100*100 or 200*200 mm, depending on the diagonal, but you need to take into account the fact that the effect after installation will be somewhat different. Of course, a built-in TV looks better and more impressive, but if the client wants to use a TV, but has already completed repairs and is not ready to make any changes, then wall-mounted options will be a good solution.

How safe is the delivery of such a TV? Will it arrive intact?

We paid special attention to the packaging of our TVs. They are packed in thick cardboard, the TV itself is completely encased in foam material, this guarantees its safety during transportation and even during careless transportation. We also carried out a crash test of our packaging. There are separate video materials on our YouTube channel. there we throw the TV in a box from a small height and look at the result.

Is it possible to install a TV in a full-wall mirror?

Such projects are quite rare, but they do happen. In this case, we offer our customers a separate series of our Open Frame TVs. This is a TV without a glass front panel, which is subsequently mounted behind a large mirror.

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