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High-End TVs for your home

Since the invention of the television, it has become a crucial part of almost every house and apartment. Nowadays many of us would like to watch different entertainment outside of our living rooms and our company can help customers with that. We offer special TVs that can be a great addition to kitchens, bathrooms, and outside terraces.


AVEL TVs are made to combine two main features: the latest tech and the practical design to fit into a particular space. We understand that many customers who search for TVs are not satisfied because the design of a regular TV is very limiting and thus won’t be suitable for many customers who would like a different approach.

mirror TV

AVEL focuses on unorthodox ideas and with such a point of view we hope to fulfill our customers’ requests. Our company, having accumulated vast experience in the development and production of TVs, is ready to offer you help in creating a premium TV.

Built-In TVs

Our main line of products is Built-In TVs which we offer in two options: Our regular assortment and custom-made variant.

Each TV can be specially made for each customer and we can install it almost anywhere in the house even in places such as bathrooms because our TVs feature an IP68 waterproof rating. In addition, AVEL can incorporate any mirror that you would like with our televisions. That way, you can have a super practical TV that will serve as a real, usable mirror and give the room a more organic feel.

Our regular assortment includes 3 models: Mirror TVs, White and Black frames. Screen sizes range from 23.8 to 75-inch screens. This, coupled with full water protection, Android functionality, and great resolution ranging from Full HD to 4K will be the perfect incorporation to your living space.

To truly understand what our Built-In TVs look like in real life, we would like to show you our 75-inch AVS750SM model that was installed in the pool area of our customer. It was installed right above the entrance to the sauna to provide visitors with a comfortable view.

premium TV vip TV

Kitchen TVs

AVEL also offers TVs that are made particularly for kitchen space. Some families might prefer to watch quick episodes of certain shows while cooking or eating their lunch.

Keeping that idea in mind we made certain modifications so that our kitchen TVs can be seamlessly incorporated within the cooking area.

These modifications include:

  • Tempered glass protects the TV against water splashes that can occur during cooking sessions. Additionally, it can withstand high temperatures so our customers can install it near ovens or stoves.
  • Another feature is a lifting mechanism that turns your TV into a full-fledged cabinet door. You can store plates, kitchen towels, or other appliances just behind your TV. To open/close the TV you just simply push the TV. Simple as that!
  • Just like with other AVEL TVs, our kitchen televisions have Android software so that you can download all of your favorite apps such as Netflix and YouTube right on your television. Some users are not fans of cable and our TV offers an alternative to classic cable channels.

Kitchen TV Kitchen TV

TVs for Outdoors

At the end of 2023, we also presented our customers with OT models, TVs made for comfortable watching outside of a house. These models are designed with thick metal frames for more durability, an active-cooling system to cool the TV during hot weather, and a special sensor that will automatically regulate the screen brightness during sunny days!

TV for Outdoors TVs for Outdoors
We do not doubt that our customers will be satisfied with AVEL TV which will ultimately fulfill their ideas within their desired interior!

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