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Moisture-resistant TV for the pool, bath, or sauna

In this article, we will show you how to select the right television for your pool, bath, or sauna.

What kind of TV should you put in the sauna, bath, or pool?

It is well known that baths and swimming pools are linked with high humidity, regardless of their size, because water constantly evaporates and circulates. Same can be applied to any type of sauna whether it is a Finnish sauna or a Turkish hammam. Typically, the humidity levels in such rooms range from 60% to 65%, making it imperative for any bathroom, sauna, or pool television to have moisture-resistant component. Another reason to pick waterproof TV is accidental water splashes that can happen during steaming or swimming sessions. Standard TVs are prone to water damage and malfunction in such environments.

Below you can see a video of the test of AVEL waterproof TV in the steam room. The device was tested in real-life conditions for more than two hours, during which time it worked without interference. The quality of the image and sound were both preserved in conditions of high humidity (with the steam generator on) and at high temperatures (more than 80 degrees).

Installment can be done with a VESA mount or into the wall, both variants provide extreme protection as our TVs are certified with IPx4 protection and the front panel comes with special tempered glass. Our TVs can be safely installed in any wet room - be it a swimming pool, a sink or a regular bathroom.

We also highly recommend the installation of our waterproof TVs with added ventilation, which should be integrated into the wall to aid in cooling the TV's frame and tempered front glass.

In what size should you choose a moisture-resistant TV for the sauna or pool?

The size of the waterproof TV for the bathroom, sauna, or swimming pool should be chosen based on the room size and the distance of the viewer from the TV, and the optimal distance for watching TV varies depending on the screen size:

TV diagonal

Distance between the viewer and TV

21 – 27 inches

3,2 – 5,5 ft

32 inches

3,9 – 6,5 ft

43 inches

5,2 – 8,8 ft

55 inches

6,8 – 11,4 ft

65 inches

8,2 – 13,4 ft

75 inches

9,8 – 16,4 ft

How to install AVEL TV in the bathroom, sauna or pool?

For wet rooms, it's best to install the AVEL TV into a wall niche using the special box that comes with the TV. To learn how to install the AVEL TV in a bathroom, pool area, or sauna, you can watch our installation video below:

In addition, our TVs can be mounted on VESA attachments.

Remember that it is important to properly organize heat removal from the TV housing when installing it in the steam room to prevent internal parts from overheating.

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