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Bathroom TVs: Questions and Answers

Bathroom TV Bathroom TV Bathroom TV

Does a bathroom TV need to be waterproof?

Definitely a bathroom TV should be waterproof. Under no circumstances may one put a normal TV in the room with high humidity. Your life and safety may be in danger, for under such conditions, the chance of a short circuit is very high. For instance, all bathroom TVs of Avis Electronics are completely waterproof and safe, with the protection grade IPX4. Only such kind of TV needs to be in the bath.

Do I need a waterproof TV enclosure?

TV enclosures are made to protect regular consumer TVs and universal for a specified screen size range (e.g. 43”-50”). Their advantage is that you can put any kind of TV inside, for example, your old one without having to buy a new model. It’s also not very expensive and its installation is quite easy to perform even without special skills. However, there are some disadvantages: the TV enclosure takes up a lot of space, and in the case of lack of space, this option will not suit you and usually there is a problem with the sound quality, since the TV speakers are almost closed. Apparently, it will be easier for you to use a special waterproof TV, avoiding such negative points.

How to install a TV in the bathroom?

According to the conditions of the TV operation, the bathroom is quite different from other rooms in terms of the amount of moisture. Therefore, it is important to choose a device with the appropriate level of moisture protection, as well as carefully select the location and installation options. For more information on installing a waterproof TV and mounting instructions, follow this link.

How do I protect my TV in the bathroom?

As already mentioned, conventional models of TVs are not suitable for installation in the bathroom, because they do not have a specific level of moisture protection and the contacts on the boards may short out. But this problem has two solutions. The first option: installing a waterproof TV, which is specially designed for such accommodations. The second option: water-resistant TV enclosure, which will protect almost any model of TV. If you find it difficult to choose, you can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of these methods by following this link.

What can a smart mirror do?

Smart mirror can play videos, music, browse social networks, and is even able to make video calls on Skype or Viber thanks to the built-in camera and microphone. Or you can connect such a mirror to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant. Besides, if you own a business, Mirror advertising screens will help to attract the customer's attention and pleasantly surprise them.

Can I put the TV behind my own bathroom mirror?

Certainly, you can try to make a DIY TV behind the mirror, despite the many difficulties that will arise in the process, and the disadvantages of the ready-made solution. However, we advise using professional services and buy a special TV which will be installed based on the individual characteristics of the room and the customer's preferences.

Where to place the power adapter from the built-in TV in the bathroom?

The power adapter from the built-in TV can be placed anywhere where there is no contact with water and no strong impact of condensation. As a rule, a creative approach to solving the problem is applicable in this case. We suggest that customers stow the adapter in an extra recess to connect additional devices (a set-top box or flash drive/hard drive) or in a bathroom cabinet placed on the same wall if it is supposed to be there. There is an option of taking the extended interfaces of the TV and power adapter behind the wall, where the faucets are placed if the situation allows and this is acceptable to the customer.

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