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Mirror TV in Country House

55" Mirror TV is installed in a Living Room of a country house. Installation was arranged after the renovation and it was a bit tricky to make the recess in the wall without damaging wallpapers around but finally the result is great and the TV perfectly fits the room and even extended it visually. You may find here a review of the owner, family has children and they enjoy watching cartoons a lot in the daytime. In the evening time the whole family use the TV to gather around and watch their favorite movies. Mirror TV has it's issues like unavoidable reflection which are seen in this case as well since there are windows around, however the general impression and performance after 1 year use is great!

Those who need great sound might check and install in-wall speakers or soundbar along with this kind of TV. Although it's integrated resonance speakers provide quite loud and rich sound it could be not enough for a spcious room and for "music lovers" with high expectations for the sound quality.

Mirror TV Mirror TV Mirror TV

There are 2 videos below, the first one is a quick review of the owner after 1 year of use. The second video shows the installation steps and process.

Have a check and make sure the Mirror TV you are thinking of is real and not that difficult to integrate!

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