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Cabinet Door TV in Kitchen – Look and Feel

32-inch White Kitchen Cabinet TV model AVS240WS is installed in a compact but modern house, and it is a great experience that we are happy to share. The installation was arranged for the fresh renovation, and all kitchen appliances were ordered in one color. The TV looks nice and complements the combination of integrated appliances in this kitchen set. Now hosts can watch Netflix in the kitchen, play a small game, or even open an app on the built-in smart TV.

The built-in TV speakers are perfectly audible throughout the kitchen. But in this case, there is an external amp is additionally connected to the TV and ceiling speakers installed in the room so that the TV is used as well for backgroud music playback with high quality sound and enough power to cover this spacious kitchen combined with a living room.

You can find it useful to see the video below to learn the quick review of the Kitchen TV showing its state after a year of use. Stay tuned and rest assured the Kitchen TV you have been dreaming of is your next step in the future today!

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