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AVEL Mirror TVs for a pool area

We want to tell you about our client's venture. In that case a 75-inch Mirror television was mounted in the pool area. It was set in the wall's niche right over the entry to the sauna. It doesn't stand out of the wall supplementing the entire inside of the parlor. Due to the high humidity in such a room, it is impossible to place an ordinary household TV. In any case, our own TV set is suitable for use in such conditions! AVEL Mirror TVs are completely waterproof supporting IPX65 and IPX4 certificates.

One more worry with Mirror TVs concern its appearance. In the photos below it is plain to see that brilliant light will gleam off the television. Tragically, this is undeniable with any Mirror TV. However, to solve this problem, our TVs provide the best image quality with brightness of 800 cd/m2, which will be enough for comfortable viewing in low light conditions.

This TV also supports 4K resolution and advanced features. To download any application like Netflix or YouTube with one click, because users are not restricted to observing just a customary TV program or a channel. Our client decided to install a sound bar directly under the TV for additional sound. Connecting additional speakers via HDMI-ARC, Bluetooth or an optical audio port is made as easy as possible. The TV is also includes IP66 non-waterproof air mouse and waterproof remote control.

AVEL Mirror TVs will satisfy you with the best watching experience while you spend time in the pool.

Mirror TV in waterpool lounge Mirror TV in waterpool lounge Mirror TV in waterpool lounge
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