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Wireless Built-In TV and Mirror TV in Bathroom, Kitchen, other Interior

It’s a common trend of the Consumer Electronics market to get rid of wires in all the products and that’s what people expect from special products too. In this article we will consider wireless connection ways and possibilities of Waterproof TVs, Bathroom TVs and Kitchen TVs.

For built-in products installed in a wall with no visible cables it’s even more important to provide wireless connectivity options. It’s great and expected to have wireless Internet connection by WiFi, all the APPs like YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies etc., ability to control the TV wirelessly, voice control, ability to show video or pictures from smartphone or tablet on the big TV screen.

Wireless options of AVEL Waterproof Mirror TVs for Bathroom, Shower and Pool

2019 series of In-Wall AVEL TVs has the following wireless connectivity options:

  • WiFi Screen Mirroring Option. All the TVs can be optionally equipped with a built-in screen mirroring board. The board can be connected to a home WiFi router or directly to a smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android OS. With this feature users can easily share videos, pictures and other content and watch it on a big TV screen. Phone’s or tablet’s screen will be mirrored on the TV screen with sound and it’s a great wireless way to show pictures or videos to friends, enjoy your favorite APPs or watch YouTube and control it with the gadget you are used to mostly. Have a check of the video to learn more.

  • HDMI connected Smart TV boxes Option. Like any other TV, our TVs has HDMI inputs and can work well with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xiaomi Mi Box or any other Smart or Android device with HDMI out. What’s important when we talk about in-wall Bathroom TVs – is that normally the box will be hidden in a wall recess, that’s why it’s important to think about remote control issue. AVEL TVs has IR pass through interface that can send signal from TV’s IR sensor to the box hidden behind the TV (additional IR sender might be required, not supplied with AVEL TV). The most convenient and modern option - is to choose the box with Bluetooth remote control that can work through obstacles. Bluetooth remotes also support voice control feature usually and it’s maybe the most convenient way navigate Smart Box. So, we can recommend choosing a Smart TV box with Bluetooth remote control (like Apple TV or Xiaomi Mi Box) and enjoy all the benefits of stable, fast and reliable wireless Smart TV.

What’s important to add – is that AVEL TV’s do support HDMI CEC feature. It means that you don’t have to use 2 remote controls all the time: to turn on the TV first, choose the right Video-In and turn on the Smart TV box by the second remote. When you turn on HDMI CEC in both device’s MENU, they can communicate and as soon as the Smart TV Box is turned on, the TV will turn on automatically on the right video input! That’s the video demonstration of HDMI CEC.

Wireless features of AVEL Kitchen and Cabinet Door TVs

  • WiFi Smart TV with Touch Screen. Yes, probably we are the first company in the world who released a Cabinet Door TV with 21.5” capacitive touch Android OS! Of course, there are wireless connectivity options available: WiFi Internet connection and all the APPs from Google Play Market, Bluetooth connection for headphones or other device communication. This unique product was made based on many inquiries from those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen and need a big touch screen located and fixed right way instead of a tablet (to watch cooking recipes, get useful tips and / or entertainment content). Android Touch TV also can work as a control panel of Smart Home network.So, we created Cabinet Door TV that is normally installed instead of an upper cabinet facade. It requires no space at all since it can be opened like a cabinet door. And it’s waterproof in the front and easy to clean and can be even installed above an oven or stove, this TV is really made for house or commercial kitchen environment.

  • All other AVEL Cabinet Door TVs and Splashback TVs has the same wireless features as written above: WiFi Screen Mirroring Option and HDMI connected Smart TV boxes Option. As far as we are concerned, people do watch TV while eating or cooking, and we are no exemption too. For many of us Kitchen alone or combined with a Living room is the heart of our home. That’s why our goal is to make it better, more convenient and safer with delivering truly dedicated TV products with all the range of modern features, including wireless connection and control.

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