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What You Need to Consider When Selecting a Bathroom TV

Is putting a TV in the bathroom a sign of rich life and prestige? Not anymore! Even an ordinary person like you and me can get a fantastic TV for bathroom use for a reasonable sum of money, with a decent set of parameters and impressive usability. But is any TV suitable for bathroom, and can any bathroom host a TV set? Let’s get the matter straight and find out what you should consider before making the purchase and starting the installation.

Recommendation #1 Consider your bathroom’s design

Making a decision about whether you can put a TV in the bathroom is not always easy, since some bathrooms have a ready design that is, mildly speaking, unfriendly to TV installation. Consider this: you have an ultra-modern design of steel and marble, or an authentic Asian-style décor with wooden panels and minimum technology? While the first design may embrace a TV set without trouble, the second one will hardly tolerate a TV set in a natural, eco-design.

Recommendation #2 Choose among only waterproof models

The TV set in a bathroom should be absolutely waterproof, no matter whether you hang it above your bath tub or replace your mirror with a Magic Mirror TV set. The reason for this is simple – your life and safety. Under the conditions of constantly high humidity, there is a danger of getting a non-waterproof TV set quickly corrupted, and even the best-quality TVs will break quite soon, let alone the danger of short circuit. For instance, all bathroom TVs of Avis are completely waterproof and safe, with the protection grade IPX5, which guarantees their total insulation and immunity to moist in the bathroom.

Recommendation #3 To hide or not to hide?

Disguising the TV in a bathroom may be a perfect solution for those who wish to preserve the integrity of their design and at the same time gain an opportunity to view their favorite films and media materials. An optimal variant for such users is to create a visual panel or a similar architectural element in the bathroom, for instance, by encapsulating the TV set into a thick black frame or any other frame stylized in the style of the overall bathroom design.

A decision about hiding the TV or leaving it in the open view may be constrained by your selection of the place of its location. If you wish to watch your beloved channels while having a hot bath, then the best variant is placing the bathroom TV in front of the bath tub, which makes the opportunities for concealing it quite limited. However, if you are more apt to watching news, films, or TV series when arranging your makeup, shaving, or brushing your teeth – then the Avis Magic Mirror TV is a perfect solution. It conceals the TV set when it’s off, representing a plain mirror.

Recommendation #4 Consider using transparent panels in design

One of the contemporary elegant decisions for integrating your bathroom TV into the overall bathroom design is to use transparent panels for division of space in this room, like in example below. In this way, you will guarantee yourself unhindered viewing of the TV content no matter in which part of the bathroom you stay.


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