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Vibration speakers – what is this and how do we make it in our Bathroom TVs?

See for yourself how we use modern technology to simplify our production and to improve how your TV will look like with the best sound accompaniment.

We are glad to share with our 2017 Bathroom television series update – we have changed small regular speakers of our FS series (integrated speakers series) to new vibration speakers that can work through the glass. Another magic of our TVs became real with this amazing technical solution!

This is our old series with 2 small waterproof speakers on the front and it has several disadvantages:

  • it doesn't look good

  • sound quality is poor due to very limited speaker size

  • it's hard to clean the holes


This is our new series with vibration invisible speakers. New speaker type makes the front glass of our TV shaking and generating the sound. So the glass is the speaker now and there is no hole needed, that's really a great benefit for the design and maintenance. New speakers has better sound quality (middle and bass range) to compare with the old type.

Vibro speaker

And here is the picture to explain sound emitting and speaker's position inside the TV:

Vibro speakers

So how do we make this vibration speakers?

The speaker itself looks like this:

Vibro speakers

It consists of 2 parts: metal base (to be fixed to the glass) and the speaker itself. Let's us show how we fix it inside our TVs.

At first we are applying the “accelerant” by the brush to prepare the surface of the speaker's metal base and the glass. The exact position of the speakers are marked on the glass already. Accelerant helps to solidify the glue applied on the next step.

Vibro speakers

After that we are applying AB glue mix to the metal base (1 base for 1 speaker) and place it on the glass.

Vibro speakers

We will let it get dry for 8 hours. Metal bases of the speakers are fixed really strong and can only be detached with a layer of the glass surface. We are sure the speakers will work well for years even being continiously shaking by generating sound vibrations when the TV is ON.

The bases are fixed well now and we can install the speakers itself. Before fixing the speakers we add the special screw-thread fixation paint on the thread of the metal base. After that we can screw up the speaker.

Vibro speakers

And finally the speaker is fixed and we can assemble the TV for You:

Vibro speakers

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