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How to hide Your TV?

There are many interiors and places that looks great and have its own sophisticated design concept. And there are other rooms (like bedroom) where people don’t want a TV to be visible all the time. Regular TV will be a black ugly spot, no matter which location it is installed. In this article we will talk about the ways to hide a TV and solutions available in the market.

Mechanical Ways to hide a TV:

  • Pop Up TV Lifts. That kind of systems are integrated with a special cabinet and suitable for a certain range of the screen size range. For instance, 43”-55”.

Pop Up TV Lifts Pop Up TV Lifts

When the lift is down – TV is not seen at all. Systems like this are controlled by a remote control and has electrical motor to drive a TV up and down. As of installation position – this type is often used in bedrooms for under bed installation, or close to a wall. Projects like this are mostly customized and expensive since the cabinet shall fit other furniture in a room

  • Fold Down Ceiling TV Lifts. Another place to disguise a TV is the ceiling! Sounds strange but there are systems in the market to make it real:

Fold Down Ceiling TV Lifts Fold Down Ceiling TV Lifts

This special installation solution can only be arranged during renovation works and reduces the ceiling height. But the effect is impressive indeed and that could be one of the best viewing positions for watching TV in a bedroom.

  • Sliding Artwork / Painting / Shades or Panels. There many suggestions to hide the TV behind sliding Artwork or other flat interior element. And it can be a very cost-effective way from the first glance. But it looks not perfect when you finally open it and it’s quite difficult to hide the sliding parts and make it good looking.

Sliding Artwork / Painting / Shades or Panels Sliding Artwork / Painting / Shades or Panels
  • Hide TV in a cabinet. While cooking a delicious dish or just discussing with friends or colleagues over a snack, a Kitchen Cabinet TV may be an amazing option to diversify your time spending. Our Kitchen Cabinet Door TVs don’t take any additional place and cater all cabinet door sizes: from 21.5’’ to 32’’. However, don’t forget to check the compatibility of hinge parts before.

Optical Way to hide a TV:

  • TV behind a Mirror / Magic Mirror TV. Instead of concealing TV mechanically and find the place and the way to make it good looking and not too complicated there is completely different way – to hide a TV behind a Mirror. It is the most elegant, simple and convenient solution. To watch the TV, you just press one button and the plain mirror turns to a TV instantly. No complicated parts and mechanisms, no need to wait, no additional space required!

The only visible surface of a Mirror TV when it’s off is a front mirror glass. And of course, it must be even, has good optical reflectance performance (bright silver mirror) and keep that good looking for many years. Brand should use real glass and not acrylic used for such Mirror TVs. So, you can be sure it will keep perfect appearance for years.

We at AVEL keep these issues in mind when make our Mirror TVs.

After trying many types of semi-transparent mirrors, we found really bright silver coated mirror that has the best optical performance both for reflectance in transmittance with the ration of 60/40 approximately. For safety concern we only use tempered safety glass for our standard Mirror TVs, and we provide a 1-Year Warranty as a confidence in the product quality.

TV behind a Mirror / Magic Mirror TV TV behind a Mirror / Magic Mirror TV

The only specific issue you shall keep in mind is the brightness reduce. Physical principle of semi-transparent mirror is the same for all TV disguised as Mirror whatever manufacturers say – it cuts brightness of the LCD/LED panel. So, when you consider installing a Mirror TV – don’t forget that curtains and dimmed light are required to watch it comfortably during the daytime. Of course, it brighter than a projector image, especially when you choose optimized Mirror type and high brightness model, but there is unavoidable reflection in the dark scenes anyway and we suggest keeping it in mind before arranging the installation.

AVEL offer a large choice of Mirror TV screen sizes. Starting from 23.8’’ up to 75’’, there are 8 different sizes existing. If your budget allows so, we advice you to experience the 65’’ and 75’’ models that allow you a full immersion in your Mirror TV user experience. However, if you are looking for a price optimization, 23.8’’, 27’’, 32’’, 43’’, 47’’ and 55’’ models will doubtlessly fit your expectations.

There is also an option of hiding your TV behind a big size mirror. It is a perfect option not only for personal use, but also for public use in hotel rooms or in your company’s restroom. This element will bring an essential spark into your particular space design. Moreover, the integrated vibration speakers provide a high-quality sound and create a premium experience for any user.

AVEL TVs are easy to install but need a professional electrician or tiler, so it's definitely better to schedule the installation before you repair. A niche should be prepared in the wall, and all cables should be routed inside the wall. We provide a back box for easy installation as well as a user manual and installation instructions for each mirror TV. Аfter installation, you will only see the mirror on the wall.

Here below a table to show PROS and CONS of each solution and hope you will find it helpful to make the right choice:

Pop Up TV Lifts Fold Down Ceiling TV Lifts Sliding Artwork TV behind a Mirror
Overall Budget

Very High

Very High



Ease of use

Good, motorized drive

Good, motorized drive

Not good, manual operation

Excellent, just turn the TV on

Installation Complexity

Can be installed to a finished room, but requires additional space for the cabinet

Only can be installed during renovation works

Only can be installed during renovation works (in most of the cases a requires a niche in the wall)

Only can be installed during renovation works

Appearance of the solution when the TV is ON/OFF

Excellent when OFF

Not good when ON

Good when OFF

Not good when ON

Excellent when OFF

Not good when ON

Excellent when OFF

Excellent ON

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