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How do we test a Magic Mirror glass?

​Transmittance rate test of Magic Mirror.

Magic Mirror glass(semi-transparent mirror) is a main part of Mirror TV.

So how to make a perfect mirror? The key is the balance of transmittance/reflection rate. We’ve been working for years to control this balance and find the right balance from the point of views of TV performance (picture quality) and Mirror performance (reflection quality). We tested many type of mirrors(different color/different parameters) from different supplier. There are some results below.

1. Low transmitter rate / High reflection rate. For example, we do have a type of mirror with 25% transmitter rate. It looks fine when the TV is OFF. The mirror performance is acceptable. But when the TV is ON, it’s hardly to see the picture since high reflection. The light of panel was reduced a lot,so the brightness is really low.

2. High transmitter rate / Low reflection rate. For example, we tested a sample with 60%transmitter rate. It’s come out with a good picture when the TV is ON. The brightness is much better. But when the TV is OFF, we can clearly see a “black screen area” in the middle of glass. It doesn’t look like a FULL Mirror glass but more like a Black Frame glass as photo below.


3. Good balance of transmitter rate / reflection rate. Our new type magic mirror(super silver) is 40% transmitter rate. It allows more light go through the mirror glass and still keep good mirror performance(reflection). Here is the photo below.



To control the balance of transmitter rate / reflection rate. We do process a simple test below.

1. We need a Lux meter like this.

Lux meter

2. Turn on the TV, Play a pure white photo from USB stick

3. Place the sensor as close as possible to the surface of Mirror glass (to avoid other light influence).

Lux meter

4. Keep recording brightness data(cd/m2) from different location of mirror surface(active area). Get an average brightness level after getting all the data. And then you can compare the brightness with original brightness of Panel and calculate what’s the transmitter rate of the mirror. For example, if the average brightness is 200cd/m2. And the original brightness of panel (from panel SPEC) is 500cd/m2. It means the transmitter rate is 40% (200/500=40%).

Have a check of the testing procedure video below to learn more and subscribe to our channel to follow our further news.

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