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Framed Vanishing Mirror TV

Framed mirror over fireplace or in a classic living room interior is a sophisticated design element by itself. And what if this mirror can be a TV at the same time?

Inspired by our customers who got this idea in mind and realized it with our Mirror TV series we’d like to share it here in this article. AVEL In-Wall Mirror TV series due to its recessed installation is the ideal product to by customized with a frame to fit the surrounding perfectly.

When you consider having a vanishing Mirror TV you may choose 2 options with AVEL TV:

1. Take a standard model Mirror TV, install it and order a customized frame. In this the frame can be ordered according to the TV size, and you shall consider screen area position and mirror thickness to make sure it will look fine after the frame is installed. You may check the exact drawings of AVEL TVs on our web-site and arrange frame order in advance to get it ready right upon TV arrival and install at once.

Mirror TV Mirror TV

2. Another option works well for a bespoke Mirror TV with customized mirror size and shape. This installation is more complicated technically and requires professional local service. The mirror itself is to be chosen and prepared according to our recommendations to optical performance (reflectance / transmittance rate), mirror coating type and side. All the back surface of semi-transparent mirror excluding TV screen area and IR receiver area must be painted by black paint to make sure it will look as a plain mirror when the installation is complete. We have Open Frame AVEL TV series for this kind of tailored projects, these TVs are made to be hidden behind a mirror and we provide full support to a local integrator or installer team based on our experience in similar projects.

Mirror TV Mirror TV

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