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TV above the fireplace in the interior

It is a common practice for living rooms and bedrooms with an artificial or wood-burning hearth to place a TV over a fireplace. It looks elegant and saves space. However, such an interior setting has its pros and cons, as well as important features to consider before you place the TV above the fireplace.

Table of Contents

1. Installing a TV over the fireplace: pros and cons

2. Installation Features

3. Combining options

4. A TV above the fireplace as part of the interior

Installing a TV over the fireplace: pros and cons

There are both opponents and supporters of such an interior solution. Moreover, its pros and cons are directly related to major points: what type of fireplace is installed, whether the rules of operation, installation, etc. are followed. We will note several key advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, the advantages include:

  • The most efficient use of space, which is especially convenient for small apartments.
  • Clearing the walls, which can be used in a more practical way, such as installing bookshelves or other functional pieces of furniture.
  • Ability to create an accent in the interior and set the tone for the entire place.
  • With an AVEL mirror TV, you can add even more functionality and elegance to the room.
  • When it is switched off, it serves a completely different purpose as an ordinary mirror. It can add light to the room, make it more spacious and airy. When turned on, it is an ordinary TV set with high-quality graphics.
  • The display provides a high-quality picture, as the screen resolution even in simple models is 1920x1080 pixels with a color depth of 16.7M.

You can make sure how spectacular mirror TVs look above fireplaces - referring to the photos of mirrors installed above the fireplace in the living room.

TV above the fireplace

Such a layout option has disadvantages as well. Answering the question of whether it is possible to mount a TV above the fireplace, it is necessary to mention them:

  • The danger of overheating and safety violations. Due to the warm air emitted by the fireplace, it heats appliances that are not suitable for use at high temperatures.
  • This does not apply to electric or bio-fireplaces. Their heat is not as strong and is directed straight ahead or downward rather than upward.
  • In the case of a wooden hearth, however, you need to follow the installation recommendations discussed below, and give preference to heat-resistant models of TVs.
  • All waterproof AVEL TVs have an extended operating temperature: from 0 to 50C. You do not need to worry about the TV overheating and the risk of early failure of the device thanks to AVEL technology.
  • Through AVEL technology, you do not need to worry about the TV overheating and the risk of premature device failure. If set high, there may be physical discomfort when watching, especially if the TV is placed in front of the bed or sofa. The screen is then above your eye line, forcing you to raise your head and strain your neck. It is also necessary to choose the right viewing angle, depending on the specific model.
  • To avoid this inconvenience, try to reduce the height of the furnace and fireplace portal to place the TV lower. Also, increase the distance from the viewing position to the screen itself.
  • The complexity of style matching. Television refers to modern technology and is usually made in the style of high-tech or minimalism. A fireplace, on the contrary, is an attribute of the past and most often looks classic. To combine two such different style elements, you will have to try hard. Choose austere fireplace portals for modern interiors or arrange the plasma in a wooden frame for classic living rooms.
  • It is also necessary to take care in advance of where the wires and the socket will be located. Close location and hanging wires are unacceptable either aesthetically or in terms of safety.
  • Fighting for attention. The TV and fireplace are both vibrant accents in the room. Thus, by combining them next to each other, we force them to compete for our attention. The glare from the fire can distract us from watching TV, while the flickering bright picture of the TV can prevent us from relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the burning flames. We advise you not to use your fireplace and electronics at the same time to get the most out of each.

Given all of the above, there are several reasons to help you decide whether or not to mount a TV over the fireplace:

  1. You don't have an alternative option. Especially if zoning the space into two parts, one of which has a fireplace and the other a TV completely distorts the original idea of the designer.
  2. Since the space is limited, you physically do not have the opportunity to install these two elements separately from each other.
  3. This is your personal desire or dream.

Installation Features

TV above the fireplace

If you, after weighing all the pros and cons, have come to the conclusion that the TV, placed above the fireplace, suits you, then for a comfortable and, most importantly, safe operation, you should adhere to the following tips on installation:

  • Install the TV in the niche. A prepared niche for the TV installation should protect it from the warm air of the fireplace.
  • To hide the cabling from sight, you should bring the socket, as well as the antenna cable and other wires to the very place where the TV is installed inside the niche.
  • It is desirable to prefer fireplace stoves made of materials such as cast iron or steel, and necessarily equipped with protective glass.
  • The outer box should be made of heat-resistant materials and equipped with quality thermal insulation. This will help to avoid heating from the outside and, as a result, the risk of equipment overheating.
  • As additional heat protection, a stone or wooden shelf/bar can be placed between the TV and the fireplace.
  • The vents should be on the opposite side of the TV so that the escaping hot air does not reach the appliance.
  • Choose the hearth and the TV about the same size so that they look balanced and neither element is out of focus.

Combination options

After this article, if you have decided not to install the TV over the fireplace, we suggest some other interesting options for placing these elements in the same room.

  • On one wall. In addition to arranging the TV directly above the fireplace, you can place the elements with a slight offset or next to each other. To avoid asymmetry in the first case, it is important to think as clearly as possible about the location of other functional and decorative elements in the room.
  • Facing each other. However, if you choose this option, there is an increased risk of glare that obstructs watching TV.
  • On adjacent walls. A great option that allows you to virtually combine two zones with different functional load: sofa or dining table is located opposite the TV, and on the side warms the fireplace.
  • The corner installation. This method is suitable for places with a small space or complex geometry.

TV sets above the fireplace in the interior

TV above the fireplace TV above the fireplace TV above the fireplace

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