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Kitchen TVs: Questions and Answers

Kitchen TVs Kitchen TVs Kitchen TVs

What size TV should I get for my kitchen?

TV sizes for the kitchen: for small kitchens of 6-9m², models with 19-20ʺ diagonal will have a suitable size; for medium size kitchens of 10-15m² - 22-24ʺ diagonal; for large kitchens of 18m² or more one may consider screens of 32ʺ or more, but then the concept of selecting the screen will be the same as for any other room.

What size TV for the kitchen counter?

TV sizes for kitchen counters: thin models with a diagonal of no more than 22-24 inches are preferred. But it is best to start with the size of your kitchen, as well as the size of the table on which the TV itself will be located. Moreover, you may want to replace one of the cabinet doors with an elegant Avel TV - and that would be a great idea. In this case, take the dimensions of your cabinet and choose the proper TV set.

What size TV for the kitchen wall?

The most common and recommended size TV for the kitchen wall is between 20 and 40 inches. However, if you have a very large kitchen and you may use it as a living room, you can focus on the size of the room and the distance of the wall from the table - you should not place a large screen too close. This not only affects the quality of viewing but can ruin your vision.

Where should a TV be placed in the kitchen?

There are several ways to place a TV in the kitchen, and each has its own pros and cons, as well as its own price range.
  1. Hang the TV on the wall with the bracket.
  2. Install it in the niche.
  3. Install the appliance into the furniture and place it in the same row as the hood, built-in microwave, and oven, creating a stylish unity of surfaces of the appliances.

Where should you not put a TV?

There are literally no rules for positioning the TV in the kitchen - there are only recommendations and tips. Do not place the TV below eye level or too high to avoid neck pain while watching.

There is only one requirement - common TV must be placed away from the stove (away from the fire and steam) and the sink so that the water does not spoil the device. But even that is not a problem for Avel TV, as it is designed to work in rough conditions and can easily deal with steam and heat.

Is it okay to put the TV above the refrigerator?

Putting a TV above the refrigerator might seem like a good idea. It will save some space, which is usually desperately lacking in the kitchen. Usually it is not recommended to put appliances on the refrigerator, because this can cause problems such as increased power consumption, reducing the quality of the refrigerator, as well as the probability of failure of the devices due to unnecessary vibration. But the Avel TV is designed in such a way that there are no restrictions to put your set above the refrigerator.

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