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Glass TV – Aesthetic Minimalism & The Future Design Concept

No matter which trends are coming and passing by in the design fashion but there is always place for simple and eternal materials like glass. It seems like glass surfaces, structures and elements will be widely used in interiors now and in the future.

As a TV manufacturer, we’d like to make a focus in this article on Glass TVs and it’s benefits when installed in a living room, bathroom or any other room.

Glass TV design

  • Design Benefits. There is no other material that looks so simple and nice as a real glass. That’s why it’s very easy for a Glass TV to fit any interior. We have different color options available for the TV front finish: White Frame Glass (OptiWhite glass type), Black Frame Glass and Magic Mirror Glass (semi-transparent mirror).

    Beside standard models listed in our catalog, a tailor-made Glass TV can be made based on our Open Frame series. The glass itself can be made in any size and any color according to the project specification or Your personal preferences.

    So we are pretty sure that it’s possible and easy to get a Glass TV of your dream.

  • Care & Cleaning Benefits. When we are talking about a Glass TV we assume an integrated in-wall TV type. Though the installation of this kind of TV is more complicated (shall be pre-arranged when renovation is running) but it has many important advantages when we compare with a regular on-wall / standing consumer TV:

    - No cables. All the wires and connectors are hidden in the wall recess behind the TV);

    - No dust. Glass surface is the only visible part and it’s very easy to clean. No dust on the back or inside the TV anymore.

    - LED panel protection. Yes, our glass is a tempered safety glass and it helps to protect the screen.

  • Experience Your Glass TV with AVEL!

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